you owe it to the child in you;

that i had let go of the chance of a happy childhood is irrelevant as long as the world gives me a childrens day every year. it’s not so much my need for a day as it is a need for a chance to break barriers and be a fool. haven’t we given lifetimes in pursuit of unimportant activities in the larger scheme of things?

would it surprise you then that i chose to honour the innocence and beauty of being a child by spending time with them? i loved the ride, i loved the company and as i struggled to keep my mouth shut about these CSR type fellows, i enjoyed myself.

i let myself laugh and let myself be led into intense moments, that which i had thought i was unprepared for earlier that morning. i facilitated fun debates about why karnataka is better than the tamil nadu (one kannadiga girl told her tamilian counter part that at the end of all his small talk about the greatness of his land, he would come to her land for water :D).

i was taught the importance of respect by a 12 year old who corrected me when i said avanu instead of avaru. i asked him why it was such a big deal and he told me that he had learnt that any person/thing that walks and talks and has a mind should be treated with respect. i conceded.

i hugged them and loved them not so much for who they were but who they allowed me to me. i loved them because they argued that they needed to be loved by me. we placed bets on whether mr.corporate and his pot belly could make it through a 10 minute match. we stood together and watched as the adult group patted each other on their backs from bringing a smile on the face of the children and for changing the world. they asked me if they should give points to them because they spent a couple of hours with them or to themselves for providing them with a good workout and a feel-good event and as the day ended, we stood watching the sunset with warm hearts and regrets that we didn’t have a working camera.

i know i could never get back to a desk job without having my mind wander to these moments. it’s not just that they have given me the chance to find a sense of purpose, they have done something more. they have helped me hope for and reclaim the childhood that i had lost all those years ago. have fun and relax, said one boy, forget the stresses of work and take time to look around. another girl held my hand and seconded his advice to me and said you owe it to the child in you.

i thought i would die of overwhelming joy!

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