i blame it on gravity. it’s much easier to do that than blame it on human nature. it seems all wealth and spice and everything nice is concentrated with a few people. it seems that life played a game of 21 with fate and many that didn’t deserve it, were dealt a bad hand.

i was quite heartbroken after a visit to one of our partner centres. i didn’t even realise it had happened but i’ve grown quite fond of the kids and hurt for them when they share intimate details of their day to day life with me. i ran for comfort to a friend who’s been great at helping me deal with despair that threatens to root itself in my heart after every one of these brushes with humanity.

we got talking about our vision to have a world where you can just be yourself and how for that to happen, we needed to change society. we stood in silence for a long while after that. the task was to change the society so that us trying to help intergrate the children into an ideal mainstream wouldn’t be such a contradiction of the other. we wondered at the enormousness of the task and tried not to be dettered by it. we were joking about having another dark age to wipe us of our mindsets. we laughed and went back to being silent.

‘i have an idea’, he said after a while. ‘we could hold the world in our hands and give it a good shake. then everything would be distributed evenly. no one would have too much or too less. everything would be right again’. i smiled at the thought. i fought the urge to put my hands in front of me and give the world a shake. and then i gave up.

i saw the world in my hands. the little helpless snowglobe. i observed all the snow all settled in one place. while trying to getting a more 3 dimensional view, i moved the globe around and saw the snow move. it had gotten my attention. the snow could be moved. all you needed, was the urge to turn things upside down. and that urge had built within me for 20 years.

i turned it around and watched the snow float around happily filling in all the empty spaces. and as fast as it had begun, it had settled down on the other side. with my shaking, i had created another system (however different from the original) that would oppress until another changemaker comes along and decides to turn the world right side up.

how do i make it so that that magical moment where every snowflake was suspended, floating, free and equally distributed stays? i held the thought in my head and let it go.

all it needs is a continous shake, however conscious or unconscious. and all it takes to motivate one to bump into the snowglobe of a system is a need for justice. it gave me hope knowing that this need, will live on.

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