Guest Blog – peace;

it is in my mistaken belief (i hope) that there tends to be a growing trend to actions to find peace. sad. peace is a choice one makes even in the midst of trials. the only thing stopping us is ourselves and the others n our lives(which is again ourselves with excuses).

its true that our forefathers had it way more than we did and we lack it because our life and time is the hyperreal. and its so easy to lose it. unfortunate. you can lie to yourself as much as you want but peace aint gonna find you. its your job to find it unlike most things in life that show up at your door step.

so when i wish you peace know that i dont mean the frame of mind no. that would be too easy i simply wish you a journey where you discover yourself and what your looking for. the process of peace is far more rewarding than we expect. hold true and brace yourselves to be tossed around

Tinkerbell does not blog unfortunately. He will always be found, however, leaving restaurants with tissues and tissues of written material. Sometimes you will see writings on his palm, on his bag, his shoe, anything he can find. If his writing isn’t spontaneous, he believes it just isn’t writing at all! Do read, comment, encourage

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  1. Pea says:

    Go Tinkerbell! Good stuff.. U might just be the one with the least “boo-hoo” work in among the three of us!


  2. Henri says:

    Peace in itself is a discovery, innit? But I guess that’s for someone who is willing to go with the flow. There are yet others who may feel at peace only when they have what they want. But that scares me, because one can’t have what one wants all the time. So is it worth sacrificing the peace? I like your thought about Peace being a choice…and hopefully my choice will always be in accepting situations, issues, etc. The challenge is to be ambitious, yet be peaceful, right? But then being peaceful is a challenge in itself. Applause for Tinkerbell, you’ve oiled the pseudo philosopher in me 🙂 Come back again!


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