Family Convos Part 1

This one is from the archives. I drew a cartoon about it but it’s on this huge sheet on my wall & I don’t really feel like destroying it, and scanning it and what not. I still love you though. If that’s not enough …. well I was thinking of an appropriate threat but then I realized it was beer day and I’ve got this leprechauny feeling inside.

Pea: What happened?

Me: I think I’m gonna explode.

Pea: There, there! What happened?

Me: Well Frank McCourt Died and I don’t know. I love him, you know?

Pea: Big hugs

Me: Sniffles. Whine. Sniffles.

Pea: Everything will be okay. I promise.

Me: Whimpers.

Pea: Silence

Pea: Who is Frank McCourt? The author of Anne Frank?

Sound of Crickets

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