I wish someone told me that dreams do come true. They do. I am living proof. I probably would have saved years off whining.  There is reality and there is its heartbreaking essence but there is life and joy and the chance that that leap of faith you finally took will pay off. It always has for me.

Does that mean I’m luckier than most people? Maybe I’m just a hopeless optimist who could never say never even when it looked like a dead end road. One day it will probably come back and bite me where it hurts but for now I am okay and on my way to Africa.

This is for all of you who never gave up on me – I am who I am because you thought I could.

This is for all of you who gave me courage when I wanted to give up – I wouldn’t have kept moving forward if it wasn’t for you.

This is for all of you who I’ve not met in years or who I’ve never laid eyes on – you give me reason to carpe this diem with a passionate intensity I had not known before.

And this … this is for all of you who laughed at my plans or who were conditioned to think this is stupid- I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to live your dreams. I promise I will wing this one for you.

I will be posting my African adventures here. Just to have it all be in one place you know? But hopefully I can blog random stuff here too. Tell me you’ll miss me?

Big warm hugs. I love you. I really do. See you on the other side!

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  1. Sangitha says:

    See you soon! And yes, will miss you. Kinda, sorta. 😀


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