Karibu Afrika

In seven days, I have charmed the African officials to give me my visa (without proof of money, invitation letter), had a surprise pick up from one of my European backpacking buddies, travelled in 2 sardine tin type buses for a total of 14 hours, seen the varying landscape of Africa without rain, learnt enough Swahili to play with kindergarten children, been stared at my two Maasai people with spears, almost pee’d myself when they approached me menacingly. Turns out, they wanted to play with my “long, beautiful, midnight hair”. They thought I was speech impaired because I only looked at them and smiled without saying “Hujambo”

I saw the Uluguru Mountains, visited farms and now live in the middle of nowhere and I swear I can see the entire Milky Way from here. The room that they have given me is BIG. In a regular African house it can camp 7-10 people. I am grateful to the sisters but sometimes it’s hard to ignore the guilt. Another thing I need to get used to is all the prayers – but I think African Gospel music makes it all worth it. I will record a sample and post it soon.

I also visited a community some ways away through dead trees and soil so dry it felt like rocks. The sisters wanted me to visit the place before the rain comes and makes it hard to access. The Maasai said they felt the rain coming. Did you know that they looked at May flowers and said that they were Christmas flowers? I found it amusing that what is in India a sign of the summer, to them it is the sign of the Christmas season.

I went out for a walk two days just to explore this village. I found small roadside shops with an international flavour. Everyone’s got the Obama fever – t-shirts, kanga’s, razors, chewing gum. You name it – YES WE CAN! 😛

While in the community, a bunch of rich look Arab’s came to visit and invited them to their farm. We went. Turns out they use Monsanto seeds. I didn’t know how to feel about it. Looking at the dry land around me made me angry but the seeds provided food. And these villagers, they’re hungry 

This weekend I will go into the town called Itigi to see the Primary Health Clinic. That should be interesting. Also, I think I found the special something to make me feel at home – AFRICAFE. You can only know how heavenly it is once you taste it. YUM-ME! 😛

In the meanwhile, here is a small sample of my photos (If I can get this darned phone to get a signal)

Big Hugs

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