I’ve had some very hard hitting conversations since I’ve come to Africa. Sometimes they are really frustrating and sometimes plain amusing. This is a conversation I had with an anonymous sister yesterday – it made me wish we still had language barriers.

R: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: No

R: Why not?

Me: It’s complicated.

R: What is so complicated about having a boyfriend?

Me: Errrrm …

R: Are you planning to get married?

Me: Maybe. If I find someone nice.

R: And if you don’t?

Me: Errrrm …

R: Will you become a nun?

Me: OH GOD NO!!!

R: (Alarmed) Why not?!

Me: (Trying to save what’s left to be saved and crossing my fingers behind me!) Errrrm … What I mean is … Errrrm … If …. Errrrm … God …. Errrrm … wills it … then … Errrrm ….

R: You will consider it?

Me: Errrrm … yeah, okay? (HELL NOOOOOOOO!)

R: (Finally smiles) Karibu

Me: (Phew!) Asante Sana!

I am going straight to hell! Happy One Month in Africa Anniversary!

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