Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey you,

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet on the blog front and otherwise. I got busy in the end of November and beginning of December with the children. I got into a sort of routine where I would get up early in the morning and spend time with them till 8am when it was time for their school. And then since it was exam time, they would be done by 12 and then I would be with them again the rest of the day. Apart from this, I spent 2 hours with my choir. It seems every one of these 200 children became family and when they went home for Christmas, a part of me turned silent.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced it. When you are with children your entire day and when they are not there anymore … the silence … it is so damn loud!

I was to immediately run to Rombo (which is a home for rescued infants) but the immigration people have kept me waiting. Actually, it isn’t their fault. It was their independence day on the 8th and they were all given a long weekend. So tomorrow (13th December, Monday) I will get a stamp saying I am to be treated as a resident till December 2011.

I also turned 24 on the 11th. There’s usually the cribbing about time and how old I am getting but I didn’t have a qualm about age at all this time. For starters, living your dream lends everything a beautiful colour. On the 10th, I spotted a rainbow and followed it from end to end. The spot where the rainbow began is blindingly bright. It is like a spotlight and when I took three long strides away, it was dark again. It was magical and beautiful and my gift to me.

The next day, I went into town for a graduation ceremony. There are so few who finish their school that the entire town participates in the function. There’s beer and dancing and SO much food. At night, the village threw me a surprise party and they gifted me two GIANT pineapples. And then around the fireside, they sang a song about how friends become family without even knowing it (I have a recording! I will put it up soon)

Today (12th December), I took the sisters out for lunch. They are giving me free accommodation and have really put up with me this last 2 months. They had never been out to a restaurant before and it was so nice to see their wide eyed smiles. The name of the restaurant was Deli Chez (Cute huh?) where I met this gorgeous Indian African little girl called Camilla. She was with her grandmum, a goan fish-seller! (Pictures also will be put up soon)

And then I trekked through the mountain on the way back – through streams, coffee plantations and a tree where I spotted a leopard and had the fright of my life. I was taking a photo when there’s fruits started dropping on my head from this giant tree. At first I thought it was monkeys but it was a leopard gathering fruit (HUH!). Needless to say we quietly made our way out of there and I didn’t get the chance to take a photo (major sad face). Apparently the leopard chucks fruits at you if you’re disturbing it (LOL). 

Now I’m back home. There’s no electricity except in my room for some reason. I’m not complaining since I get to send this to you! Hope you are okay.

Love you. Big hugs,

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