Take that, lonely planet!

Don’t get me wrong. The book is great. It’s descriptions in depth. It has even been a life saver sometimes. But then, I don’t earn in dollars and I definitely can’t afford the touristy itineraries.

Today I did something even better though. I took cattle out to graze. It’s usually a man’s job in the Masai tradition but they let me any way. So I put on the traditional sandals made out of an old goodyear tire, got handed the walking cane and became a shepherd for the day. Funny how dreams come true eh? I even dozed under a huge boabab tree.

The terrain was rough but the whole thing was such a thrill. We were joined by a herd of camels and zebras. Once we got home and put the cattle in their enclosure, and led the calves inside the house (calves get a special room inside a Masai boma/hut), I helped the mamma put the finishing touches to her house and start putting up the mud walls of the cowshed.

The witchdoctor then came to visit. He read my palm and said I’d be rich and marry real soon. Then he offered me 60 cows, 20 donkeys and 150 goats to be his 3rd wife (like I didn’t see this coming!)

And tonight? I will sleep in this house we just finished. Take that lonely planet!

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