Teabags and Cyanide

I wept at the Harry Potter finale.

I charmed strangers with my words

I smiled at a child who was soaring through the skies on a swing

I drank tea

I promised today that I would clear out my room. I didn’t

I’m still living out of suitcases and backpacks

I coloured within the line

I received a postcard from The Shambles, York

I made room on my window for Joe the chicken, you know, the surfing champ

I dried out a 2 day old dry erase marker

I made tea

I made my interviewers nervous

I have two new scars on my right hand taking the total to 7

I smoked my first cig in the kitchen while my mum was teaching me one of her secret recipes

I got drenched in the rain

I played poker and black jack and rummy and won by something awful in Game of Life Money

I went road tripping

I danced on clouds and rainbows

I laughed

I carried out a midnight op to remove rat poison and save the rats of the world

I set traps for zombies

Drops of Jupiter got tangled in my hair and I can’t get it out

I went looking for the three bears, the porridge was getting cold

I solved crosswords

I admired tea bags at the new hyper market

I made friends with the worm in the mango I almost ate

I pulled faces at a cat

It rubbed against my feet

I figured how dreamweaver works

My guitar made a major sadface

I huggled

A day in the life


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