Singin’ In The Rain

I know how I’ve been griping about having to travel 4 hours a day to and from work, how economic empowerment is just not my thing, how all I really want to do is write and how Bangalore is being a heartbreaker and all round pain because of the rain and the streets getting clogged up and my laptop bag being not as rainproof as they said it would be but something wonderful happened yesterday after I wrapped my bag in two nilgiris’ plastic bags, rolled up my jeans, put on my music and asked Bangalore to BRING IT ON!

I realized that drops of rain pulls me to sing at the top of my voice, that puddles always make me smile, that people looked at me with my rolled up pants, my rain soaked glasses, my off-keying singing as though they were looking at a mirror. No judgment, just sheepish grins. These lovely people who glide up beside you in their activas’ or pushing their bajajs so they’re in line with yours. These people who sing along with you to a Pearl Jam song like suddenly the flooded bannerghetta road and it’s traffic that doesn’t even move for an ambulance is not really there and we are all suddenly in Glee Club.

And I sing at the top of my voice “King Jeremy the wicked Ruled his world”

And they all yell in a similar triumphant tone “Jeremy spoke in class today!”

And this, THIS is why I love Bangalore.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      OMG! I love this version!


      1. mark says:

        I thought you might. But then again I’ve studied the rain so it is the kind of thing that I would know. Here’s another version-ish

        [audio src="" /]

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        1. cupitonians says:

          Wow. You really do know your rain!


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