In the past 2 weekends a LOT has happened. Mum’s had surgery and I’ve had to quit my job.

We  were in Kerala when mum had an attack – she swears it wasn’t an attack (she argued with the doctor that her ECG reports were faulty) and if she had the choice she’d have held fort for 2 more days till we came back (Mothers!) When the cardiologists came in to her room and asked her if she wanted to remove the problem, she says “My heart? Sure. Take it and go!”

It isn’t that she has a cholesterol problem. “I have an achy, breaky heart”, a leaky valve caused by some previous …. well lets not get into the details. We do, however, have a lot of “hole in my heart” jokes lined up.

This is just to say, everything is okay. Mum’s ablation surgery was a success. It did scare us (as always in a hospital) that there was so much margin for error but she’s back home. Safe and recovering. Thank you for the tremendous support (AND job offers) that I have received over the past weeks. I really do have the best friends a girl with crazy family could ask for.

Big hugs.

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  1. Sangitha says:

    Good to know she’s doing better. It must have been scary.

    Why did you have to quit your job – no time off possible?


  2. 🙂 So glad mom is on the road to recovery.
    Don’t forget the Wednesday date, if you are up to it.
    Love & prayers,


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