I was a Mayan – Fact!

No, seriously. I had 100s of people line up to take photos of me. I was 18ish and I had to sign shirts and bags and photos.

I suppose the joy of living with people from all over the world was that we got to swap traditional clothes every Sunday. That Sunday I was wearing traditional Thai clothes but  I seemed to have caused quite a scene.

There was an old couple chatting with each other and pointing (rather openly) at me. They finally had the guts to ask me where I was from and when I said “Indian”, they went beserk. They wouldn’t let me try to explain

Hubbie: Ich glaube, sie ist rot-indian

Wife: Nein, ich glaube, sie ist Mayan. Oder Inca

(Red Indian? Mayan? Incan?!)

There were even a couple of kids who pointed at me and squealed “Pocahontas, Pocahontas”

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