Let it snow (x3)

It’s December again – SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAL! No points for guessing it’s my most favorite month and time of year – it probably has nothing to do with this Jesus thing. My dad and I are born two weeks from each other so it meant good old birthday celebrations, end of exam celebrations, the put on your Christmas caps all through winter celebrations, the go on a family road-trip celebrations and the beginning of endless amounts of chocolate and singing and dancing celebrations,. Putting up the tree and decorating the house is probably my most favorite thing to do apart from watching re-runs of the Grinch and Home alone – all cuddled up in a blanket with hot chocolate for company. There’s just something there, you know?

And this year I’ve been trying to act a little more restrained and …. Adult? Which means I’ve begged my brother to not tell me where the tree is and have been biting down playing carols and decorating the whole place. My mum even asked me if everything was okay because it is now the 3rd of December and I’ve just been sitting around looking like this –

For the uninitiated, that’s my list making face. When I can’t do something I really want to do, I build towers of what you would think were random things really. For example … Come on, do you really want to hear this? I mean, it’s Christmas and you know me, I’m good at this waxing ad nauseum thing.



So I’ve been thinking about the 90s a lot – now that I’m going to turn 25 this year which is meant to be a big “slit my wrist” moment apparently. Instead I was thinking about those songs that rose to number ones that should never have, those songs that we all hated with every fibre of our being – songs that we couldn’t get off our heads. You know the ones we’d secretly dance to and sing along with? (I know your secret). These are songs that we hated that we’ve come to love and now make us want to kill ourselves. I mean, Rebecca Black has nothing on these does she?

In no particular order – I give you my 90s-it’s Christmas-and I’m turning 25 – kill me now – list:

We would sing this to the boys from the all boys schools down the road from us. We’d win every argument and challenge because we’d all start singing this song.

Everyone knows this song. Shake your head all your want, I know you do. In fact, my otherwise hippie dad actually went out and bought a cassette (haha!) with both side A and B with the song but with different remixes. Watch out holiday family get-togethers when they let us lose on the dance floor!

Even bollywood movies couldn’t have made echos echos echos this popular.


This one was another one of those songs to which we all knew the dance steps too (Shameface). But for some reason we thought they were Australian country bumpkins and for the longest time we went around speaking like we were from down under and of course dreaming about “rodeo romeos” who were “cowboy gods from head to toe” 😀


And of course all the boys dreamed of Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita! And a little bit of Monica, Erica, Tina, Sandra, Mary and Jessica.


I’m stumped. I can’t think of anything to say about this. Yikes.


I hadn ‘t even seen the video of this till I decided to write this post. Still, hilarious.


Potential boyfriends should beware that every now and then I would really, really, REALLLLLLY wanna zig-a-zig-ahhhhhh!


And of course we all went through this phase where we all wanted to scat but ended up sending saliva flying around. Aaah good times.


The 90s were the only time where it just didn’t get any sexier than this. He’d probably be killed for dressing like that now or put on the Jersey Shore but back then ….


When we were down, this was our fist pumping, SCREW YOU anthem!


The 90s were also the age where we all pretended we were ghetto and where we went around using words like “fly”


And then there are just somethings that just NEVER get old! \m/. Come on, dance. I know you want to.


I don’t think anyone knew what that guy was saying but  “licky boom boom down” became our goals in life.


I really enjoyed writing this post almsot as much as I love when he says “cooking MC’s like a pound of bacon” which is almost as much as I’m going to enjoy putting all these songs in your head! It’s Christmas. Time for some 90s style nostalgia!



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