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You won’t believe the search terms used to find this blog and so I’m going to list them here. Some are hilarious but most are downright bizarre.

  1. Mojo Jojo
  2. Stay your mind on god
  3. Batman dentist
  4. Ocean of your beautiful eyes filled with new dreams
  5. You+me=love bubble letterz
  6. Guy feet
  7. Take a leap towards god have faith
  8. Injection spank
  9. Labyrinth soulmates
  10. Letters made from food
  11. Has labyrinth got teeth?
  12. Evil minions
  13. Dentist from hell
  14. How is it that life gets in
  15. Do people enter prostitution for food
  16. How much does labyrinth gets paid a year for producing
  17. What does “explore and travel the world” mean ?
  18. “latex gloves” “kids”
  19. Hunsur tiffany’s
  20. Dettol people
  21. How much money we can make by legalizing prostitution
  22. I’m a hopeless romantic.who are you and why are you not here?
  23. Weird dream liposuction
  24. I like thinking about the future with you in it
  25. Human gonads
  26. you fail sign
  27. The guy with pencils stuck in his eyes
  28. “inventory of normality”
  29. My life should be written in pencil
  30. Weird births
  31. It was always you
  32. Scarry fucking
  33. My dreams don’t let me sleep..
  34. I wanna really really really wanna zig a zig ahh song bollywood

No words!

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