Fibonacci Frenzy

I was thinking about how bizarre my family must look to “outsiders”. For one, I call my dad “Father” and he calls me “Daughter”. People assume we share a very formal relationship. The truth could be nothing but the opposite.

We have quirks that are absurd. If we want to sit down to a family movie, my dad’ll insist we play one of these four – Gladiator, Ben Hur, The Great Escape or The Dark Knight. My grammie only eats her food if we tell her it’s worms and drinks only if she thinks it’s acid.

Broseph spouts off facts about strange laws in other countries including random facts like how the most expensive coffee in the world is “elephant poop” coffee called Black Ivory, or something just as peculiar.

Okay, so the Pea might be the most normal one among us but she’s inherited my mum’s penchant for numbers. She can spout of a bunch
of numbers she heard someone call out at the Petrol bunk, a week after she’s heard it and my mother, she is a FREAK about patterns in numbers.

Growing up, she’d always find patterns in number plates, telephone numbers, birth dates and digital clocks. She figured out that the whole
family has a 9 day gap between our birth dates. I was born on the 11th, broseph on the 20th and the Pea on the 29th. Mum’s born on the
14th and dad was born on the 23rd. See, exactly 9 days apart.

Number sequences makes her happier than me on movie marathon day. We’d go on road trips as a family and she’d squeal “Look, look” and we’d all panic till she would point out to the car ahead us with the number plate “1234” or something a bit more complicated “1357”. At dinner we’d panic again with her “Look, Looook!” and the time would read something in sequence. We would make fun of her at the time but it’s something we’ve all picked up subconsciously.

DSC_0181 (2) (1077 x 808)

Last evening, broseph and I were lying down on the floor recovering from some circuit training and we both happened to look at the look and immediately started yelling “Mamma, Mamma, come here NOW! Quickly. Look, Look!”. My aunt and her rushed out of the kitchen, anxious – the time was 14:15:16. And around the clock, time stood still for a magical while, time enough for the broseph, mum and I to have a huge smile pasted on our face.

The look on my aunt’s face when she saw our reaction?



25 thoughts on “Fibonacci Frenzy

  1. Of course you come from a family of special snowflakes, haha. Numbers are fun, I once did a happy dance when I found out that from september to december I have birthdays that range between 13-16 in my friends and family. There is one date per month and I am probably describing this terribly but it’s awesome.


    1. Snowflakes? That is a very polite way of saying we’re cray cray! 😀 And I know what you mean about numbers. All your favourites are born within 13-16th of September-December? Brilliant. I missed the point by 2 days! 😦


  2. Odd numbers make me happy and I dance with them. Even numbers make me scared and I try my best to run away when they are not looking. When I have to wake up at 8am I set my alarm at 7:59am. When I have to cook something in the microwave for 4 minutes, I set it for 3 minutes and 71 seconds.
    A lot of people have noted the fact that they happen to look at their digital clock at precisely 11:11 quite frequently. If you look up 11:11 on the internet there are lots of theories that say the reason for lots of people noticing the time 11:11 is due to higher super intelligent beings using it to try and communicate with us because they need to harness Earth’s electricity supply. But that’s just crazy. If they were so bloody intelligent then surely they would just write us a letter to communicate. This strange world is full of crazy people, not like you and me, we are perfectly sane.
    Anyway I must go now…. Nurse is insisting that I take my medication…. Nurse is nasty to me….. You must rescue me…. I have spaceship, we can fly to a different planet….. Oooooh look, chocolate cake….. Mmmmmm


    1. You are a brave, brave man! I would be too scared to openly protest against even numbers. They are evil and I don’t want to be destroyed 😥 One day, I will join your rebellion. You aren’t canoodling with Nurse Rachet, are you?


      1. No no, not at all. Nurse is an even number, she whips me when I’m naughty and I’m always naughty, I can’t help it. Nurse won’t let me have my chocolate cake, she says she loves me but she won’t let me have my chocolate cake….


  3. Nurse said I can have chocolate cake if I prove to you that I have started writing my article on Boleskine House…. So here is sneak preview…

    When I first moved to Inverness over 10 years ago the legend of the Loch Ness Monster was a story that was well known to me, in fact there can’t be many people worldwide that haven’t heard of the Loch Ness Monster. The far more interesting story of Boleskine House situated on the shores of Loch Ness and it’s somewhat eccentric one time owner Aleister Crowley was a story that I knew nothing about, however over time I kept on hearing the occasional tale of “The Most Evil Man In The World” and what he was alleged to have done at Boleskine House.

    I must admit though that my first interest in the house was more to do with the fact that it was once owned by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and being a big Led Zep fan I couldn’t help but be intruiged. Eventually when I started to probe deeper and look for more information I started to view the fact that Jimmy Page owned it as a distraction; because no matter where I looked on the internet it seemed that Jimmy Page’s name would grab the attention of most peoples interest and therefore a lot of the stories centred around his “occupation” of the property. I use “occupation” in the loosest sense of the word because although Mr. Page owned the house for a number of years he only ever spent one night there and when you hear the stories of what happened there many years before; then it doesn’t really come as any surprise.

    The reason for Jimmy Page buying the property was due to his long time interest in the religion “Thelema” and it’s leader Mr. Aleister Crowley; whose reason for buying the house is the possible cause of the countless tales of evil spirits, mysterious happenings and ultimately what many people believe to be the “Loch Ness Monster”. I’ll come back to this but first I think it would be helpful to divulge a little background information about Aleister Crowley and his carefully chosen residence in the Scottish Highlands.

    I’m off to have some chocolate cake, or get whipped…


      1. Although I would love to keep on teasing you for fun I have decided against it. The Boleskine House is currently sitting in your e mail. If it’s not there it may be in SPAM, but remember SPAM stands for Singing Produces Awesome Miracles. If it’s not in SPAM then I have sent it to some poor unfortunate soul by mistake who will be terribly confused. If it’s not there, let me know and I’ll send it by carrier pigeon, but I will need the pigeon back.


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