I’ve started to travel 3 hours a day again. Working from home obviously has its enormous perks but there something about being on the road that just thrills me like nothing else.

For one, there’s always something exciting happening on the road -travelling from one corner of Bangalore to another is in itself an adventure. But then there are days like today when instead of rolling your windows up and looking away, you look into the eyes of a homeless old lady and smile, even if you don’t give her any money. There is something about acknowledging the presence of a person that does more to their day than any other financial or material resource.

Homeless Lady Smiling

I know this because the old lady had a smile on her face, tears in her eyes and she blessed me – she held her hands up in a “Namaste”, told me she wishes God would bless me and make me happy as I had made her. She really sounded like she needed it. And it would be a lie to say I wasn’t overwhelmed. I did nothing but smile and yet, someones day was infinitely better for it and my level of energy shot up a 100%

The power of words is often overstated, don’t you think? Today, I’m campaigning for the power of a wordless zing.

26 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Oh this is so wonderful! Amazing picture, a lovely lady, and such a great point! Yes, words are overrated sometimes — and that is coming from a writer! I’m glad you’re able to travel. I completely agree that while working from home has its advantages, there is so much to be gained from getting out into the world outside!


    1. Jessica, obviously I think so too. No one understands the value of communication without words more than a writer. It is our greatest strength but I think we realize that there’s so much you just can’t “say”. Glad you think the same!


  2. That’s a lovely story. Often these days we get so caught up in our own little webs of technology, or general listlessness that even an acknowledgement of people around is precious.


  3. I had it happen on a beach last month. I’m usually too shy to smile at a stranger, especially a woman (they might think I’m putting the make on them, haha!). It makes you feel so good, all day really. It’s a simple post but a strong one, and a great shot too! Namaste!


  4. Ok, I finnaly got over here and I am in love with your blog! Great work! and your right about people needing validation. Sometimes when I give a gypsy something it just overwhelms me and makes me want to cry. mostly because I can’t do more. ;(


    1. I think we, as humans, have a great ability to give and love unconditionally. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about resources. It’s okay though, you have a good heart. And most days, that is more than enough.


  5. Materialistic Happiness is for a short span of time but the Happiness you brought to this old is very much appreciated and you will be lingering in her thoughts whenever she smiles..Great Work.. πŸ™‚


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