Tea and Cake or Death!

30 Day Writing Challenge

Dear Tea,

I know I’ve struggled with you in the past, especially during my binge coffee drinking days where I made faces at you and called you a pathetic excuse for a beverage. How did you sneak into my life and become my sense of peace? I know I don’t say it enough but your perfect brew is what holds me together when I’m struggling.

Navigating Bangalore’s traffic is no mean task and I’m stressed out when I reach work and my body is in knots. You untangle me with such ease and skill that before long, I’m chirping along like a Disney Princess in love with the world. When I’m stuck with a work problem, I take time to listen to your calming notes and then the problem isn’t a problem anymore. And when I’m home after a long day, you are the perfect way to unwind. I never sleep as well as I do when I have my rendez-vous with you.

Doddles about Tea

I am like a teenager with a serious crush. The pages of every notebook could look like this. Honest. How can you possibly expect me to feel any less? I love you, I love you, I LOVE you!

Marry me?


22 thoughts on “Tea and Cake or Death!

  1. Hahaha, this reminds me of my love letter to cheesecake. I’m not a coffee drinker but I do love a good cup of tea. Bestfriendboy and me always drink tea when we meet, it has become like a ritual to us.


    1. Tea is stuff of rituals. For me it started in Tanzania when my travel buddy and I would brew a cuppa and sit outside, watching the moon rise. I got home and started drinking tea every night. Now the whole family does it! Maybe I should rename this post Tea & Cheescake! 😀


  2. I only started drinking tea in my late 20s, after a friend gave me a gift box. My favorites are Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, and Peppermint. I use entirely too much sugar in peppermint tea, but it transforms it in to a cup of liquid candy cane!


      1. I guess I’d say that Irish Breakfast is a bit stronger? I know the mix of black tea is different. I think Irish is more one kind of tea, Assam, and English is more of a mix of several including Assam. But don’t quote me. I’m not a tea expert. I just like drinking the stuff. 🙂


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