Someday I will

30 Day Writing ChallengeSomeday I will dance in the rain with not a care in the world. On somedays when it’s dry, we’ll have to poke holes in water bottles and use them as make shift water guns.

But that is okay.

Someday I will make snow angels on autumn leaves because who says the sky has to be blue and the leaves green? On somedays I will paint outside the lines and be called a lunatic.

But that is okay.

Someday I will touch snow and feel the glee that only a person from a tropical country can feel. On somedays I will realise that the white and the magic is just dirt and water that has seeped in through my clothes. I will probably catch a cold.

But that is okay.

Someday I will be paid to travel because as far as dreams go, that is a pretty solid fantasy. On somedays I will realise that work is meant to drain you and suck all life and creativity out of you. I will probably take off every few years and change career paths like I do underwear.

But that is okay.

Someday I will embrace true love even if I hadn’t previously believed it could exist. I will love him unconditionally and we will be happy from the depths of our being. We will be called fools and disillusioned weirdos.

But that is okay.

Someday my life will be a walking pinterest board. I will have a dream house, a million DIY projects, my hair tied up in pretty styles every day. On somedays I will find it hard to not gush about it.

But that is okay.

Someday I will get all the ingredients right on this thing called life. On somedays I will probably wish time away and then regret it. I will probably fail 99 times out of a hundred.

But that is okay.

If you haven’t already visited Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad, shame on you. I do wax on about her ad nauseum and she is the inspiration behind this post. She is an amazing blogger and I had the pleasure of meeting her in Edinburgh earlier this year, proving once and for all why it’s such a terrible idea to meet someone you only know online. Now, that is a story for another day. It’s full of plot twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seat. For a snap shot, read her (somewhat more accurate and less dramatic) version of the story here

7 thoughts on “Someday I will

  1. As a person not from a tropical country I can’t imagine your joy-level upon seeing snow considering how crazy I get over it.

    A very nice list!


  2. Excellent, I like the energy in this. You’re so right about work as well.
    Someday I will manage to give half of my two million DIY projects away to someone who needs them more than me…. any ideas?
    When I lived in Newcastle I used to work in a Spanish restaurant playing guitar and there was this Spanish guy working there who one night went to put the bins out and then came running back in so happy and excited. That was the first time in his life he’d ever seen hailstones, I’ll never forget the look on his face.


    1. Thank you so much, Mark. What sort of DIYs do you get up to? Oooh, you could create a blog giveaway! I have seen snow in the alps and I lived on the foothills of mount kilimanjaro, but there was never enough snow around me to truly enjoy it.


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