Fabulous Hairstyle in 3 Easy Steps

30 Day Writing Challenge

Now, now. Just cause I don’t know anything haven’t done anything in the fashion and style side of blogging doesn’t mean I’m clueless. Okay well maybe it does mean I’m clueless but someone once said try and try until you succeed, right? When I was in London (and some would argue that it is the fashion capital of the world) I learnt a thing of two about how to style your hair. A lot of people spend hours in front of the mirror or in a salon for this but I will give it to you here in 3 easy steps.

Cupitonian's Hairstyle 101
Step One: Grow out your hair for 3 months or till it is of desirable length. Then brush it all with your fingers.
Cupitonian's Hairstyle 101
Step Two: Wait for it. This is the easiest part of this DIY. Pose diva style and pretend your teeth aren’t chattering!
Cupitonian's Hairstyle 101
Step Three: Let the cold Arctic wind aka freak London weather do it’s thing!

Et Voila! Guaranteed to make heads turn! You can thank me later. Or now. Now would be good!

23 thoughts on “Fabulous Hairstyle in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Can I have your hair….One of the most sensual things about a woman is her hair. Thank you for all the support & love you show my blog. That kindness is much appreciated. (*‿*)


    1. Jueseppi, you show me a lot more love by reblogging! I enjoy all the posts you put up, gotta show my love. Yes you can have my hair – that thin grows like a monster! 😀 A lot of people say it’s sensual. It’s a big pain to manage though!


      1. Well…sometimes pains are well worth the effort & the response U get. U R A sweetheart and it’s a pleasure to met U here in the bloggersphere.


      1. Pleased I could make U blush.

        Happy Holidays ♥ Happy Hanukkah ♥ Happy Kwanzaa ♥ Merry Christmas ♥ AND A Happy New 2014 ♥ (*‿*)


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