Mid-day Cravings

30 Day Writing Challenge

I want to rummage through stacks of memories with you. Memories we have collected all our lives before each other. Dusty, mouldy bundles that rattle with the sound of all the skeletons in our closets. I want to lay them out and match them with the most similar looking ones in yours. I want us to hold each other and look at them together and sigh about how things were, smile at how things are and choke with joy about how things will be.

I want us to sit on the floor – me with my legs crossed, you restlessly trying to get yourself into a comfortable position next to the pile of adventures we have been creating. Every now and then you will hand me an idea that will make my eyes sparkle, you will stroke my hair and whisper-sing a “This is for you” sort of song. And I will giggle. No one makes me giggle the way you do.

I want to acknowledge that the world takes on a silly shape when we are together. Have you noticed? It oddly looks like a snowglobe and we are two figurines spinning around in magic and unadulterated happiness, separate from the rest of the universe. So what if every once in a while we get shaken and displaced? There’s only so far we can go before we are brought back together.

I want to be lost in a story more beautiful than the best fairy tale fiction ever written because with you, it’s all real and we’re already on Chapter 2. When the horrors of the night and the realities of day seem like they will take over, I want you to shush me like on the night we created the first of our many “most beautiful verses”

I want you to be everything with me because I am everything with you.

16 thoughts on “Mid-day Cravings

  1. THIS! Girl, where did this come from?! I’m so glad you’re in my inbox on a daily basis again because these words so full of poetry and magic and feels, I love it!!


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