Internet Addiction – Rehab?

30 Day Writing Challenge

Those of you who blog on wordpress know that most times, the ‘stats’ page on your dashboard is the most addictive thing you will find on the internet. Move over facebook and twitter! When you write, you’re constantly checking your views, your referers, your followers and you keep hitting refresh, mentally nudging the ‘views’ bar to go up. The most exciting thing about these features though, is the part where they show you the search engine terms that have led people to your blog. These are fairly standard keywords that you use often when you’re writing. Some of them are downright bizarre. I have written about it before but in the past few days that I’ve been writing, new terms have popped up that have completely blown my mind!

Bear with me while I list these out and actually google some of them to figure out what in the world they mean!

  • Porno Nookes – I was wondering what this meant. I still have no idea but the post it shows is of bookshelves. It’s just bunched together bookshelf  porn and reading nooks. OH NO!
  • Hiro Nakamura Delhi Temple– It’s been ages since I watched Heroes so I can’t really remember if he ever was in India but WHHHAAATT?
  • Mysore Zoo watching Baby Sister – Okay, first of all, why would you put your baby sister in a zoo. That’s just so wrong on so many levels. Secondly, actually, that’s it.
  • Zorro volador filipino – Wow, this means a giant golden crowned flying FOX.
  • Possessive jealous edward virgin bella fanfic – LOLZ. I don’t even have the word for this
  • Has labyrinth got teeth? 


  • BDSM labyrinth – That’s right. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!
  • كارتون شامي شون – Can someone please translate this for me?
  • Bangalore morning time prostitutes – Is there a difference between morning and night time prostitues? I’m a noob so any insights would help. 
  • Weird dream liposuction – I may have had a dream like this once but how do you know you evil mind stalking freak! 

What are some of your most amusing search engine referral terms?

Have a happy weekend!

17 thoughts on “Internet Addiction – Rehab?

  1. The squiggly lines went through Google translate, detected Persian, and said “Cartoon their dinner.”
    Gotta love Google Translate!


  2. LOLOLOL that Bella Edward fanfic whatever it was search term. Ahahaha. The new blog doesn’t get that many weird search term yet, or at least I haven’t seen them yet but I always love seeing what crap people google.


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