Dream Job

30 Day Writing Challenge

I have a pretty solid job. I have done so many random things in my career but I’ve always been lucky enough to work at places that I feel passionately about. I have worked in clinics and tribes and orphanages in Tanzania. I have been a life skills facilitator for children from vulnerable backgrounds. I took a year off to write from home and built a good client base with regular income and now I write for a group that designs educational games, on a Dreamworks Animation project.

They’ve all been great jobs but the one that was the closest to perfect was when for a few months, Michael hired me to work with him on the Day Zero Project. If you haven’t heard of it yet, go to his website or to my bucketlist tab and sign up. Seriously, it will change your life. I joined it because I was so caught up with work (I was working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day) that I ignored the little things. When I heard of the project, I knew I had to sign up and so far, I’ve crossed off so many things, I’m happier than I ever was. There is a sort of unadulterated joy that comes from doing something instead of waiting for things to happen to you.

Travel Writing

I always seem to be helping people plan their travels or help them research, give them a customized bucket list for a destination. It struck me again when I was helping WL (aka, boyfriend) the other day with research for a trip that what I really, REALLY want to do is travel and write about it and not to touristy, well researched places. But places that people haven’t hear of, secret sanctuaries, festivals, private nooks etc. It would be even more ideal if I got a small island I had to take care of in “off season” so that I can do my other writing then. Wouldn’t that be the life? If the universe is listening, please make this happen?

What is your dream job?

22 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. I’m happy that you found the right one.

    My job is cutting into my blogging. My dream job is to continue dreaming. I can blow where the wind blows me, I would. And that is another dream.


    1. I think there’s a case of grass is greener. When I worked with children, I wanted to write. When I started to write, I wanted to travel etc. Your dream job sounds wonderful. I wish I had thought of something so clever.


  2. This is so inspiring! For me, my dream job involves in living every day to the fullest. Sure, there are certain things that society expects us graduates to do and yet, following my wild desires and going for an unconventional lifestyle of working and traveling at the same is the best decision that I’ve done in my life!


  3. It sounds like you know exactly what you want, and it is a noble plan. I’ll help forward the message to the universe. As for me, I’m already living the job I want, but it took many years to get here. Cheers.


  4. Your dream job sounds awesome! I always dreamed of having a house on a beautiful island where I could write. I’d get up early to watch the sunrises on the beach or sunsets, wander around when I get stuck on my writing and so on. Who knows, maybe one day we both get our dreams 🙂


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