Every Christmas

30 Day Writing Challenge


This is me!


17 thoughts on “Every Christmas

  1. I am groaning at the thought of how I will eat and drink to much over the festive season. “Do you want another chocolate?” “No thanks. Oh, OK as you twist my arm I’ve have another. It is only my 90th or perhaps my hundreth …”! In India is it just Christians who celebrate Christmas or do some Catholics and other Christians invite Muslim or Hindhu friends to join them?


    1. We all celebrate each others festivals. When it’s Christmas, we take wine and plum cake or invite them over. Ramzan, we get a share of Biryani from our neighbours. Diwali, we get sweets and get called to lunch sometimes. We just need an excuse to celebrate. We love celebrating. And hey, never say no to chocolate. You have the rest of the year to fast 😀


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