Easter Eggs on a Christmas Tree

30 Day Writing Challenge

I am ecstatic to be out to play. The calendar with X’s marking down to this glorious, glorious day is lying pitifully in the attic where I am for the rest of the year. I wish I could bring him with me but he prefers to listen to my stories after the fact. So I let him be and make a mental note to tell him about the new trinket on me this year. Every year, there’s a bizarre companion swinging off my branches, adding to my story pile. This is as it has always been and it makes me smile.

The festival of tinsel and magic is finally here.

Family around christmas tree

My humans are singing a song about silver bells as they do me up for 2013. I nudge the li’l ones with their silver bow ties and they jingle back in a soft gurgle. They seem love it as much as I do. The bells, the straw angels, the fairy lights and I have been a constant for many years and like coins in a piggy bank, we feed our wander lust through adventures we collect courtesy the bizarre ones. I love belonging to a family of humans who travel and always bring me back something. They are now singing a sing about a jolly man in a red suit and putting up Easter Eggs.

Yes. Easter Eggs from Germany.

Mr. Big, the elephant from England

Bugs, the rabbit from Austria

Chip, the Koala Bear from Australia

Miles, the saxaphone from the US of A (I’ve been banned from saying ‘murica because it isnt “cool” anymore)

Lance, the cycle from France

Davros, the dalek from Wales

Chugs (the mini pint glass from Ireland) says a tree can’t write a book about family trees and history because a) we don’t have a blood line b) we’re adopted c) I’m too old for tattoos. So I listen to my humans sit around me, cradling their mugs of hot cocoa and reminiscing about how they came by the snow globe, the cup of tea, the sushi platter and the grumpy cat.

Life is good.


Today is the last day of my 30 day challenge and it has been such an exciting challenge that I think I may do it again sometime soon. For a person who hadn’t blogged since February, you’ve helped me rekindle the writing itch. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU – for sticking with me, for encouraging me, for always having something nice to say even if I cheated with a photo I nicked off the internet. The one takeaway through the process was that I will aim to write at least once a week in the new year. 

I was thinking of the perfect way to wrap this up and I spent hours looking up ideas on the internet but when I got home, the Christmas Tree was up and I got lost in the tales it holds – it has been the canvas to the adventures my family has had around the world and within this house. 

And so I thought it apt to tell its tale and also, to redecorate. This Labyrinth I Roam has had a makeover. Tell me what you think? 

I love you guys. 


33 thoughts on “Easter Eggs on a Christmas Tree

  1. When I visited my favourite local pub yesterday evening (I go there purely to drink tea you understand, no beer, lol)! I was delighted that they had put a christmas tree up together with decorations around the pub. I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more in the new year. Take care, Kevin


  2. Since I haven’t been following you too long, I didn’t know you had started a 30 challenge or had not been blogging since February.
    It is a challenge to keep blogging every day. I get discouraged or lose interest or find it hard to think of new things. I think you are a natural. Your pages are always friendly and seem just like chit chat. lol I hope you keep it up. 🙂
    Oh and you can put anything on a tree you desire.


    1. I think what it is, is that I have an idea that I flesh out in my head and so it feels like I’ve written it already. So I just kept putting off writing. I needed something to put the discipline back into me. It was difficult but then it got easier. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I feel like a rockstar now!


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