Go Shawty – Itsshoburrday!

It’s kind of strange not having to put up my finger friends on top of this post. I’m meant to be taking a long hiatus from 30 days of posting but it’s such a natural part of my morning, like eating breakfast. I found myself staring at the keyboard for far too long and so I finally gave in.

It is my happy birthday (Indianism) after all!

Something happened with grammie today. She is 90 and has dementia. It’s very hard to get her to share anything about her past. The 3 years that I took care of her taught me her language and a few glimpses of what it must’ve been like for her – married at 16, farmer’s wife, mother of 10. Every time she does share a story that we’ve never heard before, it feels like Christmas.

This morning she was talking about how she went to school till grade 4. In her days, girls attending school was unheard of. There were farms to be tended, mouths to be fed. Sometimes I can see her draw outlines of words in her script on her lap. She’s usually unaware that she is doing that and I love watching her lost in thought.

Her name in school was A.V. Maria. I asked her what the AV stood for. She didn’t budge. I started giving her suggestions “Audio Visual? Active Voice? Anti Virus?”. She laughed and squished me, she had no idea what I was talking about.

And then I remembered her family name, which was the A. What did the V stand for? Vendetta? Turns out V is the word in her language for “Doctor”. Yes, Doctor. Can you imagine having a profession be IN your name? Broseph exploded in a geekgasm – “OMG, You’re the doctor’s granddaughter. Henceforth you shall be called Susan!”

I’m going now to see about the legalities of changing name. I’m thinking of something – exotic. How about, Dragon Slayer? I’m open to suggestions!

Grammie in a Christmas Hat
A. Doctor Maria

21 thoughts on “Go Shawty – Itsshoburrday!

  1. What a lovely story.

    In particular I admire the Doctor Who reference.

    Both of my parents suffered from dementia before they passed away. I know what its like to share their lucid moments. It is a treat beyond measure.

    As for your name and in keeping with the Gallifreyan references may I suggest one of the following:

    Bad Wolf
    Doctor Donna
    The Girl Who Waited
    River Song
    Soufflé Girl



    1. Since everyone loves River and I WISH I could be like her, I might do the subtle thing and change my name to Melody 😀 Thank you, kind sir. I’m sorry to hear about your parents. It can’t have been easy. I know what that’s like.


  2. I always get excited when my Gran tells a story I haven’t heard before as well. I can’t imagine what it must have been like your your grandma though, married at 16 and raising 10 children. That’s a LOT!


  3. Hope you had a great birthday! And many happy ones ahead. 🙂 Your grammie sounds like a sweetheart–and looks like she has the softest skin (very huggable!) and sunniest smile. She is beyond fortunate to have someone like you loving her and listening for her stories when they emerge.


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