25 thoughts on “10 ways a condom can’t protect you

    1. It’s a youtube video about 10 ways a condom can’t protect you. Then goes on to show how it can’t save you against a shark attack, shows how Han Solo and Leia can’t be protected against the Death Star, Loki can’t be protected against the Hulk, the doctor can’t be protected from the Daleks. Etc. Did they really tie them to a pelican crossing?


      1. Yes, I can’t remember how they managed it but, somehow they did. inventiveness of students! I guess that they used string but I really don’t know! I was planning to use a condom to protect me against Britain’s wintery weather but, after your description of the Youtube video I will, on second thoughts stick to a jumper instead.


  1. What? I thought condoms were used to carry groceries. Maybe I should have paid more attention in health class…

    All joking aside, that video was adorable. I’ll remember to trust in an X-Wing fighter instead of a condom when the Death Star comes around.


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