Top 10 Holiday Cards – 2013 Edition

I came down from my room this morning to a delightful conversation. The Aussies had arrived and were wearing jumpers. This is so different to our European visitors who talk about the Bangalore winter like it was a pleasant Summer’s Day.

Dad – I like your hairstyle. What is that thing you’ve used to tie your hair?
Aussie Jr – A hair tie
Dad – A hair toy?
Aussie Jr – A hair tie!!
Dad – A hair toy? Is that like a rubber band for kids?
Aussie Jr – IT’S A HAIR TIE!

This conversation really cracked me up because my dad was being really serious. He was actually wondering if it was an Aussie thing. He is, obviously, oblivious to accents. Which got me to thinking that OMG I haven’t sent out any Christmas presents yet.

Sometimes the way my mind connects stuff is bizarre. I perhaps need therapy.

And since it was too late to actually write out cards, I thought I’d create some e-cards. I went on the interwebs for some much needed inspiration and I was not be disappointed. If you’re as hopeless as I am during the holidays, take heart. Or you could take time and re-create these.

You’re welcome!

Revamp your letter to the North Pole this year with a ransom note. Guaranteed to get Santa’s attention. Things we need – A special someone to hang upside down


Holy Interwebs Family - Christmas
Don’t forget that Christmas is truly about presents CHRIST! Recreate the scene of His illustrious birthday. No baby? No worries! Replace with trusty pet!


Christmas Photo Fail - Children
Nothing says J-O-Y like a group of crying children holding up paper mache alphabets and parents trying to recreate Pinterest cards. I might have to try these with my 2 cousins and broseph!


Game of Thrones Christmas Card
Not to leave my fellow nerds behind, dress up like your favourite characters when the risk of you being called a weirdo you have a good excuse to. Winter is Coming! Happy Holidays! Valar Morghulis!


Cat & Owner Christmas Card
Seriously, this is most likely going to be my card this year. For those of you who’re away from family and loved ones, for you fellow introverts, for you whose spirit animal is grumpy cat. Have cat, will pose!


Parent Christmas Card Fail
Christmas is the best time to show everyone what a great partner, sibling, spouse, parent you are. Drink the wine and poach baby at 300 degrees.


Japanese Horror Christmas Card
This is an actual Japanese Christmas Card from the 1950s. I have nothing to add to this except – JAPAN! *shakes my head*


Reindeer Zombie Christmas Card
Who doesn’t love a good zombie story even if it features Santa and his elves fending off ravenous zombie reindeer! The season of Peace and Love is upon us! OLE!


Family Choir Cat Christmas Card
For a family of singers who can’t get enough of them carols. Get the family pets involved and jingle all the way!


Silent Night Kids
If there are people in your life that you just can’t get to shut up this holiday, this is the perfect way to get peace of mind for 1 hour. Things you need – Kids/Annoying People, Fairy Lights & Duct Tape

53 thoughts on “Top 10 Holiday Cards – 2013 Edition

          1. lol,

            I have jumpers but no Christmasy jumpers with reindeers and snowmen on.. There is a old red jumper in the NHS box, but if I took that back I am sure Scooby would leave me yet another little present to clear up.


  1. Another priceless post.

    I am sure the grumpy cat pic has nothing to do with the fact that it also features Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd of True Blood fame. I mean its not like every girl I know doesn’t go a little faint when he comes on screen.



    1. I had the David Tennant “what” reaction when I read this comment. I have NO idea who that is. I have to look at this photo again and then google his name. I was too distracted by his jumper and the cat to notice his face.


      1. Well if you wish to get your hormones racing go and watch an episode or two of True Blood. You will no doubt join the ranks of infatuated women…


        P.S. Who could ever get tired of David Tennant as Doctor Who? I mean he married the fifth Doctor’s daughter in real life so Peter Davison is his father in law. She played his daughter in “The Doctor’s Daughter”. So to misquote a line from “The Waters of Mars” he is “Fan Boy Triumphant.”


        1. He is a total fan boy isn’t he? I love him just for that. I read the books growing up and I can imagine what that was like. I hope you watched the Five(ish) doctors directed by Peter Davison. I really, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to Christmas.

          Also, conventionally good looking boys don’t do it for me. Unless they can dance. Or sing. πŸ˜€


          1. Yes it was absolutely brilliant. The way they worked Paul McGann in was awesome. There is a minisode of Paul McGann regenerating into a young John Hurt War Doctor that is simply amazing btw. Also using the same footage of Tom Baker that they cut into the original Five Doctors was absolutely hysterical. Then when Tom Baker turned up as The Curator in The Day of the Doctor I was almost beside myself.

            I truly hope Peter Capaldi rocks!

            Pus the dramatization of the start of Doctor Who was a real tear jerker. I hope you had a chance to see An Adventure in Time in Space?



            1. I love, love, LOVED what I saw of Paul McGann. I wish they had kept him on for longer. What a pity. I have seen it and I’m trying to get my hands on the movie, unfortunately, I can’t find it in India πŸ˜₯

              I really did enjoy the anniversary episode even though every one was on about plotholes. I love the doctor too much – all the doctors. I even started watching Series 1 onwards (Old series) and I’m currently watching the one when they first enter Skaro.

              A lot of people are looking forward to Peter Capaldi. I’m crossing my fingers. Season 7 was a let down for me but I could never give up on the show. I did watch an Adventure and it broke my heart. It was so beautifully made. Did you like it?


              1. If you get desperate for the movie I have a copy. Shoot me off an email and I will see if we can’t figure out a way to get it to you (

                I have been a bit disappointed with the direction New Who is going in for a while now. I think Matt Smith is excellent but Steven Moffat has changed the character a little too much for my tastes.

                I love Peter Capaldi as an actor so I think he will own it once he takes over. Hopefully the stories will not be too extravagant.

                As for An Adventure in Time and Space, I was deeply moved. It was a beautifully made piece of Television. So now I have to ask, what do you think of Torchwood?



                1. I sent you an email as soon as I saw this. Not even ashamed of it! πŸ˜€

                  I have been disappointed as well because Matt Smith, what a great actor. I don’t know if they steered the writing towards the new American audience but it really broke my heart. And I really don’t like Clara as a companion. She’s stunning and so good in Asylum of the Daleks but I’m yet to find a single episode where I’ve stopped and said WOW.

                  I’ve only watched the first 3 episode of Torchwood. I meant to get on it but I started watching the old series and then went travelling in the UK. I might pick it up again next year. What do you think of it?


                  1. Yes I think you are right. It has been geared towards the American audience and lost some of its quintessentially British flavour. The Doctor has become larger than life, Far too much epic hero and not reluctant warrior (just a man in a box.) Clara strikes me as a contrivance. It has all been built around her entering The Doctor’s time stream, great idea but a little clumsily executed.

                    Season one of Torchwood is a bit erratic, it takes a while to find it’s feet. Season two is excellent and the ending will break your heart. Season three , which is a slightly different format (just five episodes all an hour each I believe) is quite simply the best five hours of Science Fiction / Fantasy television I have ever watched. If you get to the end make sure you have plenty of tissues handy. Season four suffers from an attempt to Americanise it.

                    I will go check out your email and we can find a way to get it to you.



  2. Hehe. This. Was. Amusing. πŸ˜€
    I loved the crying babies, the pet dog, and the hanging dad. The Japan one was just evil. πŸ˜› I also love your little descriptions underneath each card – innovative!!


  3. I hadn’t noticed this before, I can read some of the Japanese card, particularly most of the top section. But there’s more kanji thrown in later, guess that’ll have to wait ’till spring!


      1. The first few characters are katakana, γ‚°γƒͺーテむング, which means “greeting” and pronounced “guriteingu” since there’s no plurals in Japanese.

        I’m not exactly sure what the kanji next to it says, though I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the word for “season”, since the second character resembles the kanji for “tree”.

        The word after that is the kanji for “nani/nan” or “what”, 何. Immediately following is β€γ‘γ§γ™γ‹οΌŸβ€ or “ke desu ka?” Ke probably modifies “nani” in some form like a particle and “desu ka” is a common question phrase.

        So it’s probably asking the same question in English, though phrased in a way that is easier to read for most Japanese because of the sentence structure.

        See, I knew that Japanese was going to come in handy!


        1. Hahaha. PLUS, it has inspired me to learn Japanese. Why did you pick it up? The only words I know are from listening to my brother watching too much anime. Waiting to hear your thoughts, Dylan-dono!


          1. Well, there are a couple of reasons. My mom and grandfather spent some time in Japan and I always loved hearing their stories about living there! There are even some old Japanese books in the basement which I am slowly learning how to read.

            And of course, when I was in my teen years, I was introduced to anime and the subculture when I went to Otakon for the first time. One of the things that I find really cool is how I’m beginning to pick up stuff in anime beyond the occasional piece of vocabulary or slang term.


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