Flash Fiction

He sat on the back of my bike without so much as a blink. It was a death trap and we were going to ride into the jaws of death but he was so matter of fact about it. I started the bike and took one of the back streets, the un-tarred pieces of road that used to make me feel like a dirt biker. As I sped over the stones and sand, I heard a quiet “Bye Darling”

I turned back to see him smiling at our rescue dog and wave at her.

I think I fell in love him then.

I would like to quickly point you to this apology letter and hope to walk past like I haven’t been missing over the past few weeks. In other news, a random cat sat on my bike today and refused to let me go to office. She also put subliminal thoughts in my head about how I should write shorter stories so I’m not too overwhelmed about performing writing here during and after breaks.Β 

17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction

    1. What you do post, I lap up with great greed that I’m not even ashamed of. Of course, I won’t “complain” if you write more (by this I mean, please, please, please write more!)


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