I work in a creative environment – my block full of artists and writers and game developers. I hear and see things that I want to post on a constant basis. I was trying to think of the most dull moment in my day, a moment where everything is relatively normal and mundane and then I hit upon it. Lunch.

Nothing exciting ever happens at lunch. Between 1 and 3, groups of people walk up to the terrace for a free buffet meal – contains a healthy Indian meal of salad, roti, sabzi, 3 types of curries, two types of rice, yoghurt and a dessert. On Wednesdays, we get served boiled eggs and on Fridays, there’s something non-vegetarian to feast on. We eat, we talk about commonplace things – tax, loans, mortgages, traffic, weather (you get the drift) and then go back to our work stations and get on the job to sounds of the gamers cursing each other during an intense Gamelympics battle.

I walked up to the terrace expecting the same today when I nearly got knocked down by a plate flooded with eggs. Boiled eggs and nothing else. I look up to see a new colleague smiling at me. He looked like he lived in the gym, if his upper body and skinny legs were anything to go by. Dazed and wondering what on earth you need that many eggs for, I walked into another group of people grumbling about how someone had apparently eaten up half the eggs (I work in an office of 100), leaving nothing for those who came up for lunch later.

Egg Talking Gif

After we finished eating, we headed to throw our tissues in the dustbin only to find it full of egg yellows. A few people gasped. “What happened?” asked a few others. Trying to contain lame egg puns, I quickly responded, “That’s all yolks!” and walked away.

Egg Puns 1 – Cupitonians – 0

23 thoughts on “Lunchbox

      1. Good Day Beautiful, I have been plugging along and completed my second book on Slingshot “Wounded Soldier” Now I wait for editing. I am hopeful. And how is my little sexy beast doing these days?


        1. Ooooh Congratulations! How many words did it run up to? The editing is the most painstaking bit isn’t it? Will you edit it yourself? I’m doing good. Back to work after a two week vacation and you know what that’s like. Oh, and good morning :*


          1. It’s over 87,000 words another short story because of the cost as you know. No I am not editing it myself, and need the extra open mind to make correction. haha I ain’t that talented yet. Yes editing is the worse part too…grrrrr Hey a holiday is good for the soul sweetie, hope you feel enriched to endure the rest of the season. Awe…I long for one…. 😉


            1. It was amazing but you know what it’s like to get back to work. Sometimes you feel like you need a vacation after a vacation. 87000 words is immense. I know what you mean about having fresh eyes look at it. Wishing you all the luck! I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic!


  1. I really like lunch, it’s usually one of my favourite parts of the work day. We all gather in my bosses office to eat together. It’s usually a lot of fun.


  2. This made me laugh. On a serious point I suspect that if the egg man persists in devouring all the eggs he may find himself somewhat unpopular to put it mildly. All yoaking apart I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes when the chickens come home to roost.


    1. He’s some sort of body builder and so needs the protein. Which I don’t understand because he eats regular food the rest of the week. He’s definitely the topic of gossip. He’s gone from “the new guy” to “the egg man”. 😀


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