MrMary’s Happy Valentine’s Day Wish to a Special Blogger

I had never really thought of the idea that you could take another blog for a Valentine. I’m going to try doing that every year from now on. For now, here’s MrMary’s Valentine to me. If you don’t already follow him, you should!


81Earlier this week I asked Ms. Cupitonians, if her blog would like to be my blog’s Valentine. She replied in the affirmative. She didn’t even ask for my blogs number; further proof of how progressive Ms. Cupitonians and her blog are especially given my blog’s reputation for being, well easy. One or two nice comments my way and I’m face deep in throat cancer Michael Douglas style. ( Is that art imitating life or just how I get down, literally ?)

What’s Valentine’s Day without …

A Card ?

Every women who has relented, and accepted as terms of her defeat, being my Valentine’s for a day has received a hand-made card from me. Being that very few have ever relented I have been forced to created special ‘future scenario Valentine’s Cards’. I created these two just in case I ended up, like many black-men before me, succumbing to either…

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