The First Time [Book Review]

Book name: The First Time (Buy here – UK VersionUS Version)

Author: K. Morris

Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

Source: New Author Online


The First Time is a collection of 4 short stories that explores a variety of topics that leave you in deep thought.

The first story, which is also the title of the book, explores Becky’s financial dilemmas. Being a recent graduate with an unbelievable credit card debt, Becky ventures into the world of prostitution in order to steer clear of poverty. The story gives a glimpse into why young women enter into the escort services world and the sorts of difficulties they face in it. 

Lucy is a story that looks at people’s reaction to an old bachelor’s sudden luck in his love life. Having secured a young, beautiful and dutiful wife that fulfils his every desire, people conclude that the only reasonable explanation for this would be that he paid for her.

Issie and Peter seem to share a loving relationship as seen when she surprises him on his birthday with a delicious looking birthday cake. The Pain Behind the Smile is a story that makes you think about appearances vs reality. 

Hemlock previews a state of the art invention, a machine that has the capacity to function in society and appreciate high culture. It gives you a sneak peek into what a majority of men would seem to consider “perfect” in a terms of a partner.

My Thoughts:

The short stories are exactly what they claim to be – short and immensely packed with thought provoking issues that you will ponder on the rest of the day. The stories seem unfinished, leaving you to fill in the details of what happens next. Personally, this is how I like stories to be. It causes you to feel the predicament of wanting to know more vs using your imagination to fill in the gaps and that inciting that frustration in a reader is what makes an author for me. All four stories explore different aspects of relationships and makes you identify with the feelings of the characters even if you don’t see yourself in the kind of situations they are in.

Favourite Quotes:

“My dear sir, Man is but a machine. He takes in food to fuel his body and his very mind is but a highly intricate mechanism for processing thoughts and emotions. Becky is a machine. Why should not two machines come together?”

DISCLAIMER: This book/eBook being reviewed was provided free of charge for an honest review. 

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  3. There is a book I think you will like I wanted to recommend after reading this. The book is called: Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story. Twenty contemporary authors introduce twenty sterling examples of the short story from the pages of The Paris Review.

    The stories are incredible and long story short check it out


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