We Might Fall

The Sunrise This Morning in Bangalore
The Sunrise This Morning in Bangalore

Let’s go on an adventure. There are clouds to be jumped on, warm golden rays to be stolen, wings on whose back we can steal a ride.

We could drown in the crow’s feet that your laughter creates. You could twirl me around till we’re so giddy, it makes the world a breathtaking shade of magic. We could walk the journey of some obscure person and throw popped corn at each other while the black mirrors fill up with “must watch” moving pictures. We can tick off lists of movies, of books, of places to eat, sights to see, things that make us feel alive and full of purpose.

We could run around carelessly, tripping as we try to catch the sunshine in your hair and the sparkle in your eyes. We could don ourselves in explorer gear and go hunting for giggles – your giggles – that make me light headed and make me float off the ground.

We could go looking for the moon and have it tell us stories by the fireside. We could even accidentally run into the biggest adventure of them all –

We might fall.

52 thoughts on “We Might Fall

      1. Yeah I know. once I was Thailand taking a long trip bus and it stopped in the middle of the night somewhere at the countryside. I looked up in the sky and realized that as much as its blue and black. same amount of starts there are. 50% covered will shiny dots everywhere from sides to top just amazing. I will never forget it 😀


          1. Yeah I know. I just don’t know why it all changed as soon as I chose another theme. I heard that if I go into dashboard and setup, comments. I can change it but. I haven’t succeeded yet 😦


            1. Haha. As long as you know I want to leave you comments, I’m okay. I was going to ask you how Mochi tastes. I had no idea they were ice cream. They were always displayed in the malls in Malaysia but I thought they were something like macaroons.


              1. haha don’t try them they are addictive. now when you mentioned it I want to go and have some 🙂 BTW you got really good internet connection you always answer robot speed. can you comment now. I’ve tried to change in setup


    1. The clouds were scattered like jigsaw puzzle pieces and when the sun came up, it lit the sky up in a magical pink and orange. And just like that, it was gone. Replaced by a white sun and a blue sky.


  1. Where does it go, I wondered? Yet wondering, I knew it mattered less where it went, than that I wanted to wander.
    Sweet and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


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  3. This made me feel super nostalgic! Reminds me of the good old days of childhood when I would adventure around my old neighborhood! Too bad we live in a designated “adventure-free” zone.


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