Reality Vs Writing Goals

I promise my absence isn’t due to my procrastination. Here is a list of excuses reasons why my writing has been benched.

1. My baby sister is pregnant (due in October). She came to visit us for a month in India during her 6th-7th month which, of course, was the harbinger of a tsunami of nightmares and worries. I wouldn’t even let her climb up to our first floor room because NO. Just, no!

2. I visited my boyfriend in England and also attended the wedding of his little brother. Weddings make me nervous. Especially big weddings with fancy cars and a bride and groom that look like they could be on the cover of a top fashion magazine. Fortunately, I survived without making too big a fool of myself and the alcohol stocks weren’t overly diminished. There was a side effect though – words ran away from me.

Ben and Mwila
Proof of the Magazine Cover Claim. Source? Stolen off their Facebook!

3. I had the most perfect holiday in the world. My phone didn’t work and I visited some of the most gorgeous places in the coast. For our anniversary, he rented a little cabin that was just so romantic, I started crying and he thought he had broken me. Aah good times!

I learnt I don’t deal very well with romance!

4. Despite the fact that he lives with this view – I will take a moment to show you this view so you can feel my pain –

Damn you perfection! Damn to hell!

– the world has a rule that if you live in the 3rd world, it’s going to be near impossible to be with your boyfriend. I just don’t have the right passport. I imagined I would do a 2nd Masters degree in England but their asking rate £20,000 (not a typo).  That’s  £13, 000 for the course and  £7000 you have to show in your bank account so the government knows you can manage on your own. I applied for about a billion scholarships which all went to more worthwhile students of theatre or well, engineering!  So what is the actual price of living in England, you may ask? One year in England = 20 grand + a student loan at 15% interest per annum + a debt you have to pay for the rest of your working life. Bravo!

5. Gutted but not yet close enough to giving up (These silly youth people and their nonsense resilience!), we decided that we would try somewhere neutral. Maybe teach English in Asia somewhere. Thailand, China, Vietnam. The possibilities were endless. So we started making plans only to find that my passport can’t find me a teaching job because “Asians don’t want other Asians teaching their kids!”. Even if I did have the right qualifications and years of English teaching experience in India and Tanzania, a high school drop out who says should of instead of should’ve gets the job. It isn’t fair but that’s how the world works right now.

Not to fret dear folk, I’m not one to give up that easily (Pssst, anyone hiring a writer in Bangkok? I’m good. I promise!).  I noticed a trend in my writing – apparently all my life’s troubles happen around the time of monsoon – July – September and then I suddenly find my words again! I feel it starting to come back again. I have this amazing story about a haunted bar and time travel and sword play. I’m hoping the words will sniff out the nectar in that story and stick.

Until next time, big hugs!

46 thoughts on “Reality Vs Writing Goals

  1. Yeahhh!!!! I don’t usually do the big welcome back thing but what the hell, you’re worth it…. WELCOME BACK!!!!
    Sorry about England, I’ll see if I can put a good word in for you.


  2. Congratulations on your sister’s pregnancy. It certainly sounds as though you had a wonderful time here in the UK (I hope the weather was good although Britain wouldn’t be Britain without the rain)! I’m really sorry to hear about the problems you are having trying to study here, I hope you manage to sort something out. Good luck!


    1. Oh and I wouldn’t worry about settling down. Life has a way of making you work your butt off before it gives you anything worthwhile but Mr.Life is bound to have a soft spot for you. He’ll give in easily. 🙂

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  3. I know I’m hella late but how is the Pea? And the baby should be here by now, is it?

    That view is gorgeous and I’m happy the boy is still in your life though it sucks you can’t do a Masters in England. Those pesky tuition fees! Ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been good, traveling some, meeting people, you know 🙂
        Well, it’s good he is coming to live with you. For how long or indefinitely? Also, when?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. He has a one way ticket so I suppose until we plan other trips, he’s here. I’m all caught up with your posts now so I’m glad I’m not totally out of what’s happening with you! YAY!


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