Guest Blog – Women’s Shoes

Some people collect stamps. Jonathan Myers hoarded women’s shoes. Neatly labelled the footwear stood on shelves in a wardrobe dedicated to the purpose.

Natalie. He remembered the girl. She had stood at a little over 5 feet 3 inches in those black stilettos, her long black hair tied up in pigtails. Martha. A slim busty Blonde wearing blue slip-on gym shoes, which now stood, neatly labelled next to Natalie’s stilettos. Jenny. Plump Jenny with her greasy black hair. She had arrived smelling of stale cigarettes and alcohol. Her white trainers now stood next to Martha’s gym shoes.

A click downstairs caused Jonathan to jump. Only the freezer going through it’s cycle he realised. He should, he thought be used to the sound by now. Lucy. Well spoken Lucy. She hadn’t been your typical prostitute. Her cut glass accent, expensive black leather handbag and those hand-made leather shoes set Lucy apart from your average working girl. None the less there Lucy’s footwear stood, neatly categorised, next to slobby Jenny’s trainers. Jonathan smiled at the contrast between those 2 girls who, in life would have had nothing in common. Downstairs the freezer clicked once more. It was a monster of a refrigeration unit, the kind one usually finds in supermarkets. None the less it was essential for it prevented the huge slabs of meat from defrosting, a household model would have been unable to cope with the task.

The door bell rang. Jonathan closed the wardrobe door, exited the bedroom and descended the stairs.

He opened the door to a leggy blonde wearing a long coat which, despite it’s length failed to wholly conceal the girl’s thigh high leather boots and short skirt.

“Hi I’m Jess”, the girl said smiling at Jonathan.

“Come in Jess” Jonathan said.

“Wow that’s a bloody big freezer” Jess said as they passed the refrigeration unit in the hall, “What do you keep in there, bodies?”

“Of course” Jonathan said, with a smile.

When Kevin Morris was born, NASA put a man on the moon to celebrate. Hoping to cash in on his highly validated fame, I decided to beg him desperately ask him nicely to write a post for me. Read more of his lovely posts on New Author Online and his other guest posts for me here. And don’t forget to show your love. 

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  1. Thanks so much for publishing my guest post. All the best, Kevin

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  2. Reblogged this on newauthoronline and commented:
    Many thanks to Cupitonians for inviting me to write a guest post.

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  3. Know-All says:

    Chilly…somehow this reminded me of The Girl with the Dragon tattoo!! Nice read!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed reading my story. Best regards. Kevin

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  4. ShethP says:

    Woah. That was totally unexpected.

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