How Everything Can Change in a Year

When 2014 began, I was sitting quietly in my room cursing time differences. Despite universal dreams of fame, fortune and a sense of fulfilment, finding ‘someone’ is the the topmost desire of everyone I know or come across. I know this from having dark days in which I wanted nothing else but to find someone who would hold me while I fell apart. Because falling apart is life. Finding someone, that seems impossible. It’s for everybody else. The only thing that really got me back on my feet was laying in bed and googling flight tickets to obscure places around the world. We all have that one thing that numbs the dull, incomplete sort of feeling we feel do at some point.

Having found someone, however, isn’t the happy ending Disney keeps lying to you about. Just like taking a flight to Borneo isn’t going to end all future desires. Things don’t end, they find a way of throwing equal measures of magic, adventure and shit at you. But you know how angst goes, especially on special ‘milestone’ type occasions. You feel inadequate and that everyday is a mirror image of the previous day. You moan about how life is unfair and never gives breaks, that everyone else seems to be getting lucky and that elusive treasure called ‘happiness’ will forever be just out of your reach.

When you stop whining for long enough though and look back on all the things that have happened, you’ll start to notice that everything can change in a mere 365 days.

January to March –


The boy visited for the first time after we started our Long Distance Relationship and every moment of apprehension about being together, of the realness of it was thwarted in a battle of epic proportions. He got on well with family and the family seemed to adore him. We went on a holiday (my first ever romantic one) and it was splendid. What more could I ask for? Oh yes, wait. The Princess Pea announced her pregnancy!

April to June – 


I learnt how to solve the Rubix Cube which is a neat party trick that would come in handy later (It also helps that people now think I’m a genius!). I got a huge bonus and raise at work which was a huge deal because I’ve been known to go beyond the call of duty and get zip for it. I started applying to Universities and started getting offers from all of them. Life was good.

July to September – 

Robin Hood's Bay

I visited England again and went on a holiday to Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay (all arranged for by the Boy). The road trip there and back was beautiful and is easily the best holiday I’ve ever been on. I met his family and friends and they were all so lovely, it was like I knew them forever. His mum’s partner was a little bit harder to reach but the minute I fixed his Rubix cube, we were best friends. I got to feel my soon to be niece/nephew kicking me through her mommy’s bell and I danced all night at the wedding of a ridiculously good looking couple. I got back home to find that University was going to be beyond my reach because of the ridiculous amount of cash money they were charging for it. Things between the boy and me got really hard and there were times we nearly gave up on the idea of being together.

October to December – 


Everything that could happen, happened in this quarter. The boy and I decided he would move here and as many obstacles as there would be and as many ‘moral objections’ that would be raised, we wanted to give it a shot. My sister gave birth to a little mischievous munchkin and possibly the most cheerful 2 month old baby girl that I know. Adam and I also went to Bangkok on holiday (and looked at job opportunities that would help ease both our visa problems). When we came back, we moved into our first house together.We got asked (a million times) to get engaged and get married because live in relationships are still taboo.  But the place is close to work and it saves me 3 hours a day and the daily threat of being road-kill. I also get to exercise more and maintain a healthier diet. I have been writing more than usual and have been published in a few local newspapers – making me a very happy camper.

Outside of all of these tremendous milestones, I have also managed to have 800 of you following me, even though I’ve been awful at updating this blog. I’ve crossed off most of my 2014 resolutions and 2015 is showing tremendous promise.

I started off this year lonely and disillusioned, dying for change. I’m ending this year with a feeling of hope. Sometimes, when something is happening to you or around you, it’s so easy to feel like it is the end of the world. But from this end of the year, the counting of milestones have left a warm feeling in my heart. Sometimes all it takes is 365 days to turn things around.

Have a happy New Year my lovelies. See you next year!

26 thoughts on “How Everything Can Change in a Year

  1. What a succinct summation of a single year. Trials, tribulations and ridiculous happiness all in a short twelve months. I particularly like that he spent the first three quarters as The Boy, but became Adam in the final quarter. Much happiness to you in the new year!

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  2. Glad to hear your optimistic feelings. Hm, It’s fascinating reading your thoughts. It’s your normal life but it is so different in many things from mine. Ok, I’m a few years older and I belong to the other part of the world (male). But this is only one side. The other is, that the problems of life are often similar on our planet. At the beginning of the year you don’t know anything about the end and you should never stop fighting for the next day, the job, the relationship with a partner, the children, or only the weather.
    The best for you and yours in 2015!

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  3. Were you applying at schools in England? Otherwise, I’m a bit confused. I’m happy you got a raise and promotion and so, so happy the Boy moved to India to be with you.

    What you said up top is so very true but you know that. Life has been so busy, I miss talking to you more but I get it. I’m awful at keeping up with all the blogs I’m reading. It makes me happy though that 2014 ended on a better note for you!

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    1. Yeah, schools in England, just one of the ways to be together. This has turned out much better than all those other plans we had, so I’m not complaining. Happy New Year. Hope you’ve started your year in a fantastic note!


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