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When Kevin Morris was born, NASA put a man on the moon to celebrate. Hoping to cash in on his highly validated fame, I decided to beg him desperately ask him nicely to write a post for me. Read more of his lovely posts on New Author Online and his other guest posts for me here. And don’t forget to show your love. 

A big thank you to Anju for allowing me to twist her arm and publish a further guest post on her excellent blog. Thank you Anju!

My latest book, Dalliance is an eclectic collection of poetry and prose. Many of the pieces explore the connection between humans and the natural world which we are part of but from which we seem to shrink away ever more.

My poem, Autumn Rain was written while seated in my darkened lounge on an autumnal evening. The sound of a few solitary fireworks mingled with the noise of the rain falling on my garden below. The bleakness of the weather, together with the sound of fireworks fizzing, only to die away instilled in me a feeling of melancholy which led to the composition of Autumn Rain,

“Rain you are lonely, crying outside in the darkness.

A few sad fireworks fizzle and die.

Me, sitting alone on my sofa. Rain, is it you who are lonely, or I?”.

In other writings I examine the darkness which lurks within the human soul. In Dark Angel, for example we see man obsessed with a sinister presence or, perhaps the darkness lies within himself and he is merely projecting his darkest desires on to the mysterious “Dark Angel”,

“I love you because I can tell you my darkest secrets, things which

would make the strongest of men go blubbering in search of their

mummy. You judge me not,

my blackest fantasies are your deepest desires.

In the depths of night when all but the vampire sleeps we speak of

philosophy, of the darkness which lurks within the human heart. You

are always there

for me, my girl beautiful and serene. You laugh in time with my

laughter and weep as I weep. Never changing, fixed, immortal caught in

the brightness of

my screen you are my virtual girlfriend, a machine”.

By no means all of the collection is dark. In Early Morning Caller, for example my annoyance at being awoken in the early hours finds expression in the form of humour,

“Why do you ring me at halfpast two? Tell me, please do.

The sound of my mobile echoing around, dragging me from sleep profound.

I answered the phone, no one there, cursing inwardly I return to my lair.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, refrain from calling me at halfpast two!”.

You can find Dalliance; A Collection Of Poetry And Prose here.

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  1. Thank you for publishing my guest post! All the very best. Kevin and Trigger

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  2. Interesting look between the covers. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You are welcome. As always Anju was genorosity itself in allowing me to post on her blog.


  3. Kev says:

    Lovely post… and to think they sent a man to the moon so there would be space down here for our Kevin. 😀

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    1. Glad you liked my guest post Kev. I guess that I am lucky that it wasn’t me who got sent off to the moon …! Best. Kevin

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      1. Kev says:

        I’m saying nothing. 😀


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