An Expanded Edition Of “Dalliance; A Collection Of Poetry And Prose” Is Available For Download

K Morris - Poet

I am pleased to announce that an expanded edition of my book, “Dalliance; A Collection of Poetry and Prose” is now available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle store. “Dalliance” is a compilation of my writings comprising poems, flash fiction and essays. Many of the pieces in this collection explore the connection between humanity and the natural world, while others are of a humorous nature.

I would like to thank Chris Graham for designing the book cover and all of you who helped to choose the picture which now graces the front of “Dalliance”.

I am in the process of producing a print edition of “Dalliance” and will post here once it is available.

To purchase “Dalliance” for £0.99 please visit (for the UK), or (for the US).

If you read “Dalliance” do please consider leaving a review.

Many thanks


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  1. Many thanks for the reblog Anju. I very much appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend. Kevin


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