We’re Okay!

Other than being utterly shocked, the boy and I are totally okay. The shock factor comes from the fact that the explosion happened less that 400 meters away from where I currently work. It’s also absolutely terrifying to think that I have passed the shrine many times before for lunch and yesterday could’ve been one of those days. It also opens you up to a lot of unpleasant ‘what if’ thoughts.

Erawan Shrine Before After Bomb

The above is a photo I took that morning. Below is the photo of the devastation caused by this absolutely senseless act of cowardice and violence.

The streets and the BTS is eerily empty and our bags are being checked at the entrance and exit of every building. I am all for being extra careful especially in the wake of the news that another bomb went off near the river a few hours ago (no casualties reported!)

I hope people find the strength to continue on after this disaster and live life without fear ruling it. What a terrible tragedy for those who lost their lives and who were injured for no apparent reason.

19 thoughts on “We’re Okay!

  1. So glad you’re both okay, you never really imagine something like this happening on your own doorstep so it must have been pretty scary!
    You’re right though, people like them win if we submit to fear and stop living our lives and exploring. They can’t win!!

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    1. Even though people were scared, they dismissed the sound and the shaking and attributed it to a thunderstorm. No one really thinks worst case scenario cause you never imagine it can happen near you. Life must move on as it does!

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        1. Absolutely. They found a cardboard sheet wrapped in black plastic and duct-tape near a BTS station. Someone who is obviously tickled my mass fear and panic did it. While I don’t understand it, I can see how resilient people are and how they come back together and stronger!

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  2. hi. my boyfriend also lives near the center and passed by a lot of times near that place… it feels like it happend next to my door here in germany… hopefully there will be no more explosions. 😦

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  3. People who do things like that, on whatever pretext doesn’t matter, are simply despicable. How extraordinary that you had taken a picture of it that very morning! Had it occurred just then …
    Hope this lunatic fringe is eliminated, and that you stay safe.

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    1. They are the worst people, in my opinion and I hope they are caught. It scares me that they could just be on the subway with me and I would have no idea. Thank you for your message! Hope you are well.


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