Just Bangkok Things

I have come across some really bizarre things in my month in Bangkok – enough to know that there is never a dull day in this city. Here are a few things that make Bangkok what it is –

Dry Ice Drink at Steam Pug Bangkok
Smoky Drinks
AIS Scratch Card
Scratch Cards for Mobile Phone Top Ups
Makura Cat Cafe Bangkok
Caffiene and Cats at Cafes.
Rod Fai Market Bangkok
Vintage Bikes at Hipster Markets
Seacon Square Bangkok
Food, so much colourful food!
Secon Square Bangkok
Roosters in Malls
Brewtopia II Bangkok
Nerdy Craft Beer
Brewtopia II
Freaky Graffiti
Seacon Square
People colouring themselves black to represent tribals (no such thing as politically correct here!)
Rod Fai Market Bangkok
Aliens – not immigrants, we are talking about the x-files variety
Hairy, juicy fruits
Quirky Eats Bangkok
Mmmm Pork
Artbox Bangkok
Fish Ice-Cream anyone?
Seacon Square
For all your knife needs. Not dangerous at all!
Chatuchak Market BTS Bangkok
This sort of sunset every night!
Gateway Ekkamai
Erm, yes.
Art Box Bangkok
For when you need to mainline alcohol – the Doctor’s Order. A drip bag cocktail!
Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok
When your mantelpiece is missing phallic shaped art!
Artbox Bangkok
Markets! So many markets!
Love at First Sit Bangkok
Toilet Lorries. Beats concert loos any day!
Chatuchak Weekend Market
I don’t even have the words for this!

Stay tuned for more in the series! πŸ˜€

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