The Bangkok Freeze

View from my bedroom

I never thought I could feel so cold in Thailand. I am used to drowning in puddles of my own sweat in between the short distance from my condo to the doors of the BTS. In fact, when I came back from a colder Christmas at home, I stowed away the only warm jacket I had. Perks of living in a tropical country.

And now?

I am regretting putting it away where I can’t reach it (I am vertically challenged). There has been a 20 degree drop in temperature over the course of the day and the cold, cold wind is leaving me having flashbacks of my life so far.

Bangkok Skyline Freezing
View from my office

85 people so far have died from the cold in Taiwan. Vietnam has seen snow. There are icicles growing from every lamppost in Hong Kong and Bangkok with it’s usual 36 degree weather is now struggling under fur coats larger than the person wearing them.

Apparently there is a cold wave flowing down from Siberia to parts of the tropics whose idea of ‘winter’ is wearing shorts on a beach while sipping sunset coloured cocktails. On the plus side, you get to see some really fugly winter jackets (clearly no one knows how to deal with a different temperature here).

For those of you who say that climate change is a made up thing – my thick scarf says hi.


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  1. andy1076 says:

    World climate is sooooo weird right now, Where there should be heat there’s cold and vise versa :-\

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    1. cupitonians says:

      It really is. And it is very scary!

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  2. Even Bangalore seems extra cold these days!

    Seriously, when we were in Thailand, we couldn’t imagine the place ever getting cold either. The place is so very tropical! And now it looks positively foggy!

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    1. cupitonians says:

      It’s cold like if you stuck your head in a freezer. It’s insane here!


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