A Weather Update

It’s always interesting to see how people deal with change. With the weather being what it is currently, everyone’s turning from shorts and skirts to jeans and thick jackets. The street dogs are also sporting a certain fall-winter collection. Kind souls everywhere are dressing them up in warmer clothes. Doesn’t this just make you smile?

Street Dog in Thailand


P.S. For a hilarious look at what it’s been like here this week – Coconuts Bangkok has done a great wrap up (pun intended)

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  1. andy1076 says:

    Well that’s one way to um dress lol

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    1. cupitonians says:

      I will need more than a flimsy t-shirt though. I wonder if we can turn blankets into dresses!

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      1. andy1076 says:

        A project you definitely would have to blog about 😉

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  2. Cute! These doggies in little customised jackets and sweaters never fail to make me smile! 🙂 I have seen similar stuff when I was in Ahmedabad – it would get super cold – and I always used to think it was oh so cute! 🙂


  3. I guess that many of the street dogs in Thailand are friendly? Do many people feed them? Kevin

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    1. cupitonians says:

      They are very friendly but they don’t bother you. They’re usually just running around with each other. The condos in front of which the dogs rest feed the dogs.


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