I like play football

One of the perks of dating a teacher is hearing incredible stories from the classroom. Some are hilarious, some make you want to face-palm, but mostly, they’re stories of ingenuity. Children are so clever, and so resourceful, it’s no wonder they have to beat all creativity out of you. We can’t have a world full of geniuses walking around after all. 

One such story is about a class of young ‘uns. He asks each child a question in English. If the kid answers the question right, they get a name tag. Once this ritual is done with all the students, the class begins. 

Sample Conversation: 

Teacher: Hello, how are you? 

Student: I am fine thank you. 

Teacher: What is your favourite sport? 

Student (demonstrates kicking a ball): I like play football.  

A lot of students seemed to like football. Mr Teacher was pleased that unlike with other schools where he teaches English as a foreign language, these students seemed clever enough to not only understand his questions, but to also answer him appropriately. 

The next week when he was in class again, the conversation went something like this. 

Him: Hi. What is your favourite food? 

Kid 1-30 (demonstrates kicking a ball): I like play football! 

Turns out, the kids had learnt from their seniors to expect a foreign teacher to come teach them English. And if they were clever enough to learn a few choice phrases in English, they never need actually learn any English at all. Quite clever of these kids to do the absolute minimum to get by. I wish corporate life was similar. 

I vowed to take inspiration from these kids and apply it to my daily life. 

Dad: So when are you going to get married? 

Me (kicking imaginary ball with slightly too much gusto): I like play football! 

Life is so much easier now! 


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    1. cupitonians says:

      I’m still not over it! :’)

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  1. Minimalism wins again! I found that when I was in the army in Germany I could get by saying, “Ein Bier bitte.” Or occasionaly, “Zwei Bier bitte.”

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    1. cupitonians says:

      Looks like you learnt just the right sort of German 😀


    2. colonialist says:

      In the (relatively few) non-English-speaking countries I have visited I have always quickly mastered the words for ordering a beer. ‘Un gob cerveja por favore …’

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  2. ShethP says:

    Hahaha! What an amusing (and clever 😉 ) class. 😀

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  3. colonialist says:

    Very amusing indeed! It is amazing how much effort kids will spend on getting out of spending effort!

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  4. TBM says:

    Ha! Why didn’t I learn this trick way back when. Could have saved me from so many “talks.” Of course, it’s never too late to institute this tactic.


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