Brain Dead?

It’s possible you’ve missed this important piece of news on account of all the chaos Trump’s presidency has caused, and the social media explosion on account of Queen Bey’s twins. Good thing for you, you’ve got me.

Scientists (gosh, don’t you love them?) have discovered that completely locked-in patients, patients that have no control over their body, can now communicate thanks to this brain/computer interface that reads patients minds!

OMG, a mind reading computer. Right now, it can only read answers to yes or no questions, but … can you  imagine the future?

One of the patients who was being tested had his daughter visit him, She asked him if it was okay for her to get married to her boyfriend. The answer came back as a ‘no’ 8 out of 10 times. What blows my mind is not the father’s really strong rejection of her boyfriend, but the fact that she did what all children do – she kept asking the question till he got tired enough to get a yes.

Funny how we can manipulate parents, eh?


Full report here: Completely ‘locked-in’ patients can communicate

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    That is actually amazing.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      I KNOW! I think we should spend just as much time marvelling in technology, science, this world, as we do on negative news!

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  2. Yesterday evening I got into a debate in the pub concerning the ethics of euthanasia so reading your post this morning was extremely timely. Until comparatively recently it was considered that “locked in” patients had little (if any hope). While one can make arguments in favour of allowing those who possess the capacity to do so, to end their own lives, this story should cause advocates of euthanasia to pause for thought. “He/she has no hope, its best to turn off the life support machine” says the medical professional. While the person with locked in syndrome hears every word and is inwardly screaming “no”! As regards reading minds, I can see a market for machines which protect our thoughts in the same way that we have anti-virus software although this is, admittedly far in the future. Kevin

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  3. colonialist says:

    Interesting indeed. The link, though, seems to have got locked in and the computer is unable to get a yes or no out of it!


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