I’ve had my fair share of ‘homie’ directed at me and it makes me feel good to have my ethnicity misunderstood again. I like being of an ambiguous race that makes me a true citizen of the world. However, this homey I’m talking about is a bit different. I’m starting to daydream and long for things I never thought I would – this includes owning, adopting, purchasing, fantasising about things I haven’t thought of as a priority before.

I have changed my geographical locations every two years on average, and have managed to fit in a tonne of travel in between those times. I have also managed to live half off a suitcase, being only half unpacked in the two years I have been in this ‘new’ location. And when things got a bit stressful, I’d lose myself into a deep internet rabbit hole of exotic locations I could make my next home in.

Over the past few months, though, I find myself daydreaming of a proper kitchen where the walls aren’t white and you can indulge in a fancy bread tin without worrying where you’d store it. I find myself wanting a shelf to store all of my negligible personal belongings (most of these belongings are in the form of books, letters and postcards). I long for a nice table where I can assemble wind or solar powered robots or do my 3000 piece puzzle. Mostly, I find myself looking at animal shelter websites and going through their portfolio of pets up for adoption.

Is this what adulthood is supposed to be? Have I finally attained that magical phase in my life?

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  1. Henri says:

    I got the house and the kitchen. I love my deck and my morning cuppa under the sunbrella. However, whenever I think of pets or children, I want to pack my bags and run. I don’t know what that makes me. Being responsible for another living thing, even a plant, terrifies me. As long as your mind is free and your heart is engaged, you’re getting wiser and richer. Do it – get the pet. Line up people who will help out if you wanted to take 3 weeks off every year.


    1. cupitonians says:

      I don’t currently live in a country or owning a pet is realistic. I want to move somewhere where I can do that if I wanted to. A place where there’s a big kitchen, a backyard a book shelf that will hold more than 10 books and more than one room. And I want to go somewhere where we could be pet carers every now and then. All the love of a pet, none of the long-term responsibilty. So looking at animals, animal shelters, volunteer opportunities, it’s what keeps me going. The thought that one day I can have it all. One day soon!

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      1. Henri says:

        Pets are a responsibility for sure!! Fostering is becoming very popular and I have friends in a few countries doing it. I’m rooting for you. One day (soon…when you decide) you can have it.

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  2. I get that you want to feel settled someplace. I started feeling that way after I met my wife-to-be, Cindy. Until then I was ready to go wherever my job took me. Is it adulthood? I don’t know. Is a longing for stability part of being an adult? I’ll let you know when I feel that I have matured enough to answer that question.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      So you never really get to the stage where you know what you’re doing. Adulthood is merely the art of winging it?

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      1. Winging it? I don’t know. Let me think about it.

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