2020 Reading Challenge

So, I’ve now met my reading goal for 2020. And it’s not even the end of March. Granted that at least half of these are graphic novels, peppered with a few children’s books (courtesy of my niece). Still, without trying to jinx it, I’m happy I get to read as much as I realistically can.

One of the drawbacks of the Coronavirus global lockdown though is that everyone’s texting and calling more than usual, which has cut down how much time I spend on books. And the fact that A is working from means that we watch more shows because it’s something we can do together.

I’m hoping in the next few weeks we develop a routine where we are able add reading as part of our quality time together. Will let you know how that goes. Meanwhile, I find I am no longer able to get myself excited about reading serious, scary, worrying, depressing books. Have any of you felt that? The need to read something that is not a reminder of how volatile the world is right now?

Currently Reading: Things A Bright Girl Can Do – Sally Nicholls. A YA LGBTQ+ story of the suffragettes. Book (and bookmark) courtesy the latest book subscription @booksthatmatteruk

Please leave me your book COVID19 book recommendations in the comments. I’m looking for books that aren’t too close to real life as it right now.

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  1. I don’t hate, I envy. Almost 3 months in and I haven’t finished 10 books yet. Very sad

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    1. cupitonians says:

      30 is a misleading number though. 10 of them were comic books/graphic novels. So not as many words as your 10 books, I’m sure!

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