Guest Post: Midnight All Day

I’m so honoured to introduce you to one of the women who has a piece of my heart since I was a raggedy teen trying to figure out who I was. She took it, nurtured it, and it now blossoms the way it does because of her. Mary is the Maze to my labyrinth. As one of my writing inspirations, here she is without further ado.

I’ve been challenging myself to write a lot more these days. So when Anju told me about this, I just had to take it. Or knowing me I’ll spend plenty of my time in self critiquing and giving myself a 1 Star review. “Do not recommend”.

So, the story starts in November of last year; “Priya” one of our street dogs went into labour in our house (as did her mother Foxy) and birthed with utter nonchalance 3 little sausages. 2 brindles and 1 pitch black number with a little bat signal on the chest- who also happened to be the runt of the litter of 3.

The mother- Priya was far from doting. In a very uncharacteristic fashion she didn’t want to spend much time with her pups. She preferred her independence I suppose. (Trust us humans to project our traits on poor unsuspecting animals).

I ended up fostering these 3 sausages for many months. We named the dogs “AYE” “Aye” and “aye” said in varying intonations. The runt was the tiniest little pea I’d ever seen. She didn’t seem to want to grow. I was certain that she would not make it past 2 months.

Fast forward to this morning. The little one survived distemper, a fractured leg and hip displacement. (AYE and Aye didn’t make it.) She inched her way inside our house. Quiet, timid and gracious at the start, she is now rambunctious, sassy, classy – and as they say on the internet- a bit smart assy.

Once we gave her a bowl of her own we had to give her a name to go along with it. She relinquished the title of “aye” expeditiously and responded to her new name- Mini Alexander- baptised by my father.

I once asked my dad, why he named her Mini- was it because she was so tiny? He replied- “Mini is short for Mid-Night.” It hit me then; she made it through many mid nights to see the next day. In a short 6 months she’s been in the world, she’s experienced so much, and loved so much. And just like the midnight she holds in her so many secrets of her future that only she alone knows. When I took this picture this morning, her coat was that rich dark black of a cloudless midnight- and those eyes were looking at the sun.

She is my colleague when I’m “Working from Home”. She participates in my zoom calls and when the call gets boring, she’s the first to doze off. She also loves chewing on bottles loudly when I’m trying to concentrate on work. She teaches me how to quarantine and chill- since she’s been doing it since the day she was born. I’m thankful for Mini- and I wanted to share her with you as well.

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  1. Perani Sridharan says:

    Very good vocabulary and excellent write up. Great merciful minded you posess.
    Rarest in the earth alone can understand the realities of unspeakable creatures.You are one amongst them.
    My heartfelt wishes to you maa.

    Liked by 1 person

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