From Walking Enthusiasts To Instagram Influencers?

My whole career has been me trying to find the balance between making ends meet, using my talent, and working for an organisation that truly makes a difference. This has meant that every now and then I have an existential crisis and give a good think to what else I could be to stay relevant. I have tried English language and kindergarten teacher, I have tried (and failed) at being a poet, and more recently, a walking-enthusiast.

However, now that EVERYTHING is digital, thanks to the pandemic, it might be time to expand on my digital expertise? This weekend, we used our chance at multiple forms of exercise (formerly one form – eased by the venerable BoJo of 10 Downing Street) to combine our twin passions of walking and posing!

Anju Lavina Aire Calder Navigation Trans Pennine Trail Walk (1)

I dare say that we’re well on our way to becoming pre-covid level Instagram influencers. Don’t you?

Or maybe I can try my hand at mobile photography?

What do you think?

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  1. i don’t know how I missed his post. Thank goodness I found it! Definitely Influencers. You are constantly influencing me on issues larg and small.

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