Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown Jams

Instead, all my creative energy and ambition was channelled into creating a COVID-19 Pandemic Playlist full of coronavirus themed jams, lockdown tunes, peppy songs about being stuck at home. And while I started it as a joke, it has become a real mood-booster in these uncertain times.

And because I’m the kind of benevolent, humble person that I am, here it is for all of you to enjoy! I hope it gets you through the tough times, inserts a bit of humour into your lives, brings dance back into your routines, and generally makes you happy.

Hope you are all staying safe! Until we see each other again x

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  1. I get it. Despite friends and family trying to bring my musical taste into the 21st century, I am finding solace during the pandemic, racial and political turmoil by listening to music from (mainly) the 1960’s and 1970’s. I find so much of that music relevant today. Plus it is comforting to be surrounded by the familiar.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      Your Twitter playlist has now been added to our rotation. You’re right. There’s something about the music from that era that is so relevant now!

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