Norm Houseman: Beatles Covers

I have been a Beatles fan ever since high school when I saw their first appearance on Ed Sullivan’s television program. I went to school the next morning eager to talk to my friends about them. Most of those kids had either not seen them or were unimpressed. What? Luckily, Christi Gumm was a fellow convert to the British invasion and we were able to talk about them before Spanish class started. It wasn’t long before other artists were releasing cover versions of Beatle’s songs. At first, I was aghast that anyone would have the temerity to do so. But time passed, and my taste in music expanded, and I grew more tolerant. After all, if the Beatle’s weren’t upset, why should I be upset?

As part of my new mixtapes project, I have asked select friends to curate playlists for me. This mixtape is specially curated for us by Norm. He quickly became a true friend and confidant 7 years ago when I correctly recognised a floppy disk for what it was. Since then, he has seen me through all my ups and downs through perfectly timed memes, several postcards, lessons on the American presidency, and music, music, music. When not spreading positivity by sharing his song of the day on Twitter, you can find him blogging at Classical Gasbag.

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to be participate in you Mixtapes Project. Putting together a small related group of songs was fun. Knowing when to stop adding songs was difficult. I’m looking forward to seeing the mixtapes put together by your other friends. My musical tastes are pretty well stuck in the past, but I’m sure the others will bring new songs into my life.

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    1. cupitonians says:

      I haven’t given anyone a timeline, so I’m sure you’ll see a few coming up every now and then ❤ Thank you for all your contributions. Even if I don't write another post for the next quarter, you will keep my blog alive single-handedly!


  2. Reblogged this on Classical Gasbag and commented:
    My dear friend Cupitonians has started a new series of blog posts, Mixtapes Project, and has honored me by letting me put together the first mixtape. She knows how much I love music. Thank you!


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